Naples Trust Vacation Rentals Terms and Conditions

Using online reservation and payment system, Naples Trust Rental Essentials, LLC dba Naples Trust Vacation Rentals, 6300 Trail Boulevard, Naples, FL  34108, hereinafter called “Lessor”, will agree to lease real property hereinafter called “Premises” to a specified Lessee hereinafter called “Guest”. The parties agree that rental payments will be made to Naples Trust Vacation Rentals as the Lessor, dates, payments, and details of the leased period will be specified and recorded by online platform. This is a binding contract. Read the entire Agreement before accepting. Seek the advice of a professional if there are any questions regarding Agreement. The Lessors comply with federal, state, and local fair housing laws and regulations.


1) Occupancy: Named Guests, as listed on Agreement, accept full responsibility and liability for the actions of all individuals who reside in, or visit, Premises during Agreement period. Premises will be used only for residential purposes and only by the persons listed on third party stay site for the time specified. Guests may not sublet all or any part of Premises, or transfer or assign Agreement. Penalty for sublet, transfer, or assignment will be forfeiture of Agreement. Occupancy begins at 4:00 pm on the first day of Agreement; check out time is before 11:00 am on the last day of Agreement. Please inquire with Lessor regarding early check ins and/or late check outs prior to the beginning of your stay. The maximum number of guests allowed to occupy the Premises is determined by, and limited to, the number and types of beds present in Premises; 2 guests per king bed, 2 guests per queen bed, 2 guests per full bed, 1 guest per twin bed, 2 guests per pull-out bed or futon. In the event possession cannot be obtained by Guest on the date provided for in Agreement for any reason caused by Lessor, Lessor will not be liable for damages to Guest. Under such circumstances, prorated nightly lodging rate will be credited to Guest. If premises should be destroyed or become uninhabitable prior to Guest taking possession, all funds received by Lessor will be returned to Guest.

2) Maintenance and Condition of Premises: Guest will complete physical inspection of Premises upon check in. Any dissatisfaction must be noted in writing and delivered to the Lessor via email within 24 hours of occupancy or Guest will accept the premises in its existing condition. Guest will maintain Premises in a neat and undamaged condition, will comply with provisions of the homeowner’s association if applicable, will adhere to any “House Rules” posted in Welcome Book, and generally conduct themselves and others in their charge, including pets, in a manner so as not to disturb neighbors or in any way, deface, damage, impair or otherwise destroy any part of Premises. If pets are allowed in Premises, the breed of all pets must be disclosed to Lessor.  Fees and deposits vary by Premises. Pets occupying Premises without prior disclosure, including pets accompanying guests of Guest, can result in termination of Agreement. Lessor warrants that the plumbing, heating, cooling, lighting systems, screens, and all appliances are in good working condition, and cost of repairs to any of these items will be borne by Lessors, providing that such necessary repair was not the fault nor caused by negligence of Guest, in which event, such costs or repairs will be borne by Guest. Guest will immediately notify Lessor of any situation or occurrence that requires Lessor to provide maintenance, make repairs, or otherwise requires Lessor to act, including any wet conditions from any source, leaks, evidence of mold/mildew, or of any inoperative mechanical, plumbing, or electrical system, or component thereof. In the event the Guest notifies Lessor of any condition requiring Lessor to make repairs or perform maintenance, such notice will constitute permission from Guest for Lessor to enter Premises for the sole purpose of making the repairs or performing the maintenance requested. Lessor will give Guest notice of the intent to inspect Premises, between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. Lessor may enter the Premises without consent of the Guest in case of emergency. Lessor agrees to pay the cost of Utilities such as water, electricity, propane gas, trash collection, sewer, cable/internet, etc., where these are involved, during Agreement period up to $150 cap per utility each month. Guest will be responsible for any amount over cap. Lessors agree to provide linens, towels, and basic cleaning supplies. Guests are responsible for cleaning and laundry during period of Agreement. Lessors will lease premises in neat and orderly condition. Guest is responsible for cleaning and/or replacement or repair of household effects and Premises that are unusually soiled or damaged at termination of agreement period, to satisfaction of Lessors.


3) Relinquishment of Premises: Guest will, at the expiration of said term, surrender possession of Premises to Lessor. All debris and personal effects will be removed from Premises; doors and windows locked; keys/garage door opener returned to Lessor. Guest specifically agrees to assume all financial responsibility for any damages or loss to the structure and/or furnishings, property amenities (e.g., pool area, fire pit, etc.), and landscaping, as applicable when caused by Guest’s willful destruction or negligence. Costs for repair or replacement will be billed as an extra, if necessary. Guest may be permitted to extend the Stay based on availability, prevailing rates, and proper notice, providing any holdover or extension of Stay is documented in writing and signed by Lessor and Guest. Any unauthorized holdover beyond End Date of Agreement will be charged as additional rent at the rate of $1,000.00 per day along with Damages if Premises is rented by other tenants.

4) Refundable Deposit: Refundable deposits will be held in Lessor’s Trust Account. Lessor will return the refundable deposits to Guest within 15 days with no damage or 30 days with damage. If Premises is delivered to Lessor in a manner unlike the original good condition, is unclean, damaged, missing items, or is in unacceptable condition, Lessor will be entitled to retain all or a portion of the refundable deposit and hold Guest liable for additional charges. Guest expressly acknowledges that Guest bears full responsibility for damages occurring during the term of Guest’s stay, whether caused by the named Guest on this Agreement, or by invitees.

5) Damage Protection Waiver: We offer a Damage Waiver fee of $60.00 for specific property rentals. This fee provides coverage for accidental or unintended damages to the vacation rental home, up to $500 as long as you report the incident to us prior to checking out. Please report damage either through the messaging section of your booking platform or to  It's important to note that any deliberate damage or significant negligence will result in extra charges and is not covered under this damage protection waiver fee. The $60.00 fee may be included in your reservation total and is subject to applicable state and local taxes. Following your departure, the rental home will undergo an inspection. Subsequently, we will reach out to you to notify you of any potential additional charges arising from the vacation home inspection falling under deliberate damage and/or significant negligence. Any such charges will be billed to the credit card on file.

6) Cancellation Policy: Rent paid is refundable ONLY if the reservation is cancelled in writing, by certified mail, 60 days prior and Lessor rents the unit for the same time for the same amount.  If Premises is rented for a portion of the time or for a lesser amount, a prorated portion of the full rent will be returned. If Lessor successfully rents Premises, monies refunded will be equivalent to the current rental rate less $500.00 cancellation/re-processing fee. Guest will need to pay taxes for any unrented portion of the rental period. If Guest cancels Agreement less than 60 days prior to check in and the unit is not rented, Guest shall be obligated to pay all rent and tax payments specified in this agreement. Once Guest has cancelled Agreement, Guest will not be permitted to use the unit if it is not rented.

7) Hurricane Policy: We can’t refund any rent paid if the weather is stormy or not our usual Sunny Naples. If you are worried about storms while you are here, or keeping you from getting here, we recommend travel insurance.  However, if there is a MANDITORY EVACUATION of the location you are renting, we will refund the UNUSED portion of the rent per the evacuation order.

8) Failure to Make Payment, Returned Checks: Failure to make payment within three (3) days of date due or failure to make good a returned payment within three (3) days constitutes forfeiture of Agreement. All funds paid to date will be retained by Lessor as liquidated damages. Once Guest has cancelled Agreement, Guest will not be permitted to use the unit if it is not rented.

9) Guest Liability/Renter Insurance: Guest assumes all liability for personal injury, property damage or loss, and insurable risks. Lessor requires that Guest obtain and keep renter’s insurance and/or trip insurance in full force and effect during the full term of Agreement.

10) Non-liability of Landlord: Guest indemnifies and releases the Lessor from loss, claim, liability, or expense arising from injury to any person, or damage to, or loss of any property, in any way caused by the parties and Guest’s family, guests, invitees, agents, pets or others under their control.

11) Agreement: Guest agrees that Initial Payment constitutes binding acceptance of this agreement and to the terms and conditions herein stated and acknowledge receipt of a copy hereof.